emily lodes spiral

The Story Behind the Song

"I was on a church retreat for college students. As with most retreats, the teachings were so motivating, and I felt a fresh spirit of full surrender to God. I didn't know a lot of the people there with me and I was pretty shy, so I stayed behind when the others went hiking. I sat on the couch by the fire in the large cabin and saw the beautiful landscape outside and I just felt 'overwhelmed' with passion to be 'all-in,' for God, no strings attached, no inhibitions - I just wanted to be His, fully His. So I pulled out my notepad and started writing 'overflowing, this precious love, it's overwhelming, God above. I am empty. You fill me.' I was so filled at that moment. The whole song came right then and there."

"This song is actually very special to me because it reminds me of a dear friend, Shoko, a Japanese student who was invited to go on the retreat with us. The day after this song was written, Shoko began to cry during one of the prayer times. I was so shocked; I was sitting right next to her and witnessed the whole thing. She told us later she felt like the Holy Spirit was telling her that Jesus was the Truth. Later that year Shoko said 'I am Yours' to Jesus."