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Make Me a Worshipper
The Story Behind the Song

"Somehow in my college dorm, people started gathering spontaneously, but often, in the main lobby to sing and play instruments. I would walk into the building late at night and hear a large crowd singing 'Lord, I lift Your name on high...' It was so cool. One night, I had so much fun singing along with the group, that I stuck around until I was one of three or four people left. One of the guys left was my friend, CJ, a fellow RA. He started to play a guitar riff his friend (Zach Allen) had written, and it was really catchy. 'I really like this tune, but I haven't come up with any lyrics yet...' he said. 'Well,' I said, 'I've got lots of lyrics in Word doc.s on my computer. I'll go get them.' I came back, opened one of many random lyrics documents that I would write in my spare time, and it was titled 'Make Me a Worshipper.' I sang along with the guitar and it fit perfectly! After the third time through, the song was done.

The lyrics are pretty much a prayer to God. Sometimes I'd be so filled with joy and excitement about God, but I couldn't seem to utter a single word to describe what was happening in my soul. Despite my lack of eloquence, I just want to be a true worshipper before God."