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When I was really young (maybe six), I remember pretending to sleep in the back seat of the car while listening to my Grammy and my mom talk about Jesus. On our way home that day, I asked Jesus to save me and be my Lord. By God’s plan of grace in my life, that initial profession of faith is being refined like an ugly stone, passed through fire over the years to burn away the impurities, and destined to become a beautiful jewel – true pure faith. Any righteous act I’ve done apart from Christ has been like a filthy rag, I would have been a slave to a law that I could never fulfill, and dead in my sins, but Jesus, the One the prophets point to, the Lamb of God, and the Messiah, He shed His blood as the ultimate sacrifice on my behalf, and OH! I am so thankful!

There’s some kind of mechanism in my heart that goes off when I think about God Almighty, it’s powerful and intense, and the only way I want to respond is by singing to Him. So that’s what brought me here.

I’m married to an incredible man, Tedd Lodes, who loves and fears God and who has a gift for writing music to the Lord. We love worshipping and writing together, and that’s really how all of this music came about. We sing and write and play for God’s glory and for whatever plan or purpose He might have for the music He puts on our hearts. It’s an expression of our love, our longings, our faith, and our desire for others to acknowledge Christ as Lord. We’ll see what God does.

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