emily lodes spiral

25 random things about me
(since you wanted to know more)

1. I really really love animals. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up & I always dreamed of filling my home with animals. I still would love to raise farm animals and have lots of pets, or even one, but ironically we travel too much.

2. I have vivid dreams almost every other night; lots of colors, details, emotions, etc. And I have lots of repeat dreams too (about crocodiles, tornadoes, public shootings, our car falling in the ice, stairs, and many more). Some dreams seem to have a strong message, others are completely random.

3. It hurts my feelings and makes me frustrated when people say I look too young to be married. Lots of people ask me how old I am, then they tell me they would have guessed anywhere from 14 to 18 years old. I have a baby face - it's the big cheeks. (I’m 22 for those who are wondering).

4. Tedd & I don’t have a TV in our home. I'm not against it at all, I just think I'm a better person without it, and I have too much to do anyway.

5. I also stopped watching scary movies; I realized that they feed my imagination & make me afraid when I'm alone - and fear is such a disgusting feeling...and I don't read magazines too often b/c they only make me want to be prettier & skinnier, or to have more stuff and they cloud my view from things that really matter. People who are starving don't care if they're wearing the latest fashion or whether their couch fabric matches their rug....materialism is such a disease (and I’m afraid I’m too vulnerable to it!)

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