emily lodes spiral

Make Me Like You
The Story Behind the Song

"After my first Christmas with Emily in Pennsylvania, we flew back to Arkansas and got picked up at the Little Rock airport, then we had to drive in seperate cars back to Russellville. As I was loading my bags into the car, I set my brand new laptop on the roof of the car. I thought to myself 'This is a dumb idea. People forget their drinks and stuff on top of the car and then drive off.' Then I thought, 'naah...this isn't your drink, this is your brand new laptop. There's no way you'll forget it.' But lo and behold, I forgot about it and drove off. I drove about 5 miles until I heard a strange sound on the roof while taking a tight bend to get onto the interstate. I instantly remembered the laptop and pulled over. Miraculously, it was still there! So the whole rest of the drive from Little Rock to Russellville was an incredible time of praise. I was reminded of my own stupidity and my utter need for God to make me more like Him each day. I was so grateful to God for His 'unfailing mercy' that's 'over and around me' all the time 'even when I'm faced away' from Him."