emily lodes spiral

Totally Dependent
The Story Behind the Song

"This song was birthed in Massie Hall when the Holy Spirit inspired that simple and repetitive chorus, 'totally dependent on You...' I would play it for friends who came to our dorm room and everybody liked it. The rest of the song evolved in stages. The chords in the verses came from a jam session with my friend Prentice Dupins, and words for the verses mostly came right out of Proverbs. I think the best part of this song is that it always reminds me that I'm desperately dependent on God, which is a hard truth to maintain and apply to everyday living, especially in the States. If you go to a village in Africa, you'll find people who are totally dependent on God (or on their gods) - if they need water, they pray for rain, or if they get sick, they cry out to God for health. But in more developed countries, it's easy to start relying on the infrastructure all around you and forget that God is the source of all things. If we get sick, we go to the doctor and take medicine. If we need water, turn on the faucet. I'm thankful for doctors and tap water, but I just need to be reminded daily of my dependence on God."